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Sweet Tooth Espresso - Kolla Bolcha - Ethiopia

12 oz
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Sweet Tooth Espresso - Kolla Bolcha - Ethiopia

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12 oz bag
The Jimma Zone is home to some of our favorite Ethiopian coffees. When we heard that a new cooperative from the esteemed Kata Muduga Union was preparing to sell their first harvest, we were more than eager to get our first tastes! Currently this cooperative processes the coffees of some 400 local member farmers. After ripe cherries are delivered to the washing station, they are depulped and left to 'ferment' in a water filled tank overnight. The next day, the coffee is washed and graded through the use of channels that deparate the coffee by density. The wet coffee parchment is then taken to shaded beds for 24 hours, where it is picked over for defects and allowed to pre-dry slowly and gently. To finish the drying process, the coffee is moved into the sunlight for 1-2 weeks until the moisture stabilizes and the coffee is ready to mill and export. We hope you love this new harvest - a standout coffee from one of our favorite places in the world!

HARVESTED: Winter 2019 
VARIETY: Heirloom
LOCATION: Oromia, Ethiopia
TASTES LIKE: yuzu, hibiscus, chamomile tea
GROWN BY: Smallholder Farmers

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