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La Folie Guatemalan Coffee Beans

Ritual Coffee Roasters

La Folie Guatemalan Coffee Beans

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La Folie Guatemalan Coffee Beans

Notes From The Producer

Outside of the historic Guatemalan city of Antigua, the Bourbon plants of La Folie grow under the shade of silky oaks at an elevation of 1570 meters above sea level. The Penny sisters entrust La Folie to the management of Luis Pedro Zelaya, who processes this coffee at his nearby mill, Bella Vista. Once harvested, the coffee is depulped and then fermented in tanks for 12-24 hours. After rinsing away the remaining mucilage, the coffee is then dried on newly built system of raised beds. In the cup, this lot opens with citrusy floral aromas of grapefruit.  Flavors of pomegranate and dinosaur pluots round out the middle, leading to a clean raw sugar-sweet finish.

Producer:  Mary Louise and Mary Anne Penny

Location: San Felipe de Jesus, Antigua Guatemala

Variety:  Bourbon, Caturra

Process: Washed

Tasting Notes: pomegranate, cocktail grapefruit, demerara sugar

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12 oz bag

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