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Featherweight Seasonal Espresso

12 oz
$26.65 / lb
Featherweight Seasonal Espresso

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12 oz bag

From the producer:

A featherweight is a whimsical term in the sporting world, indicating a competitor who's extremely light but not to be underestimated in ability. As a tiny, go-our-own-way independent company, we've always taken pride in punching well above our weight class when it comes to coffee quality. And we're incredibly fortunate to have developed an unexpected international notoriety for such a scrappy, hyper-local, passion driven outfit.

But to be real, this year has been an unprecedented test of our resolve: as a small business in America, we've taken some big hits over these past months from temporary and permanent shutdowns, devastating wildfires, and long overdue examinations of our company culture and of the coffee industry culture at large. 

Like many of you, we've managed to get back up, acknowledge where we've fallen short, and continue to evolve. To phoenix up from the ashes and keep on keepin' on. We're 15 years into our mission to always be improving, to emerge stronger and wiser than before, and to never lose sight of the prize – forever changing the way people know coffee.

We do all of this for you, and so we offer Featherweight Espresso as a kind of late-stage catalyst to help make 2020 your year – hard fought, but ultimately better for it. 

Your wings may feel a bit heavy these days, but long may you fly!

 Tasting Notes: grapefruit, cinnamon, agave nectar


1/3 Esperança, Brasil

1/3 Colca, Peru

1/3 Hunapu, Guatemala

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Ritual Coffee Roasters
San Francisco
Ritual has been a pioneer in this delicious shift in coffee consciousness since we opened our doors on Valencia Street in 2005 and started what some call a coffee revolution in San Francisco. Our goal then--and our goal now--was to craft the very best cup of coffee available anywhere. Period. We've learned a lot over the years, but the care and attention we lavish on our process is unchanged, including tasting every coffee several times before it goes out to our coffee bars and into your cup.Read more