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Cotecaga Rwandan Coffee Beans

12 oz
$21.05 / lb
Cotecaga Rwandan Coffee Beans

Notes From The Producer

This coffee is from the Cotecaga washing station in the Nyamasheke District of Southwest Rwanda. The growing conditions here are near ideal for coffee; a combination of rich, volcanic soil, high elevation and a cool microclimate off nearby Lake Kivu yield coffees that are intensely fruited and sweet. Some 600 small producers who live in these mountains carefully grow bourbón cherries to be milled at the Cotecaga washing station, where they are depulped and then dry fermented in tanks. 

Once fermented, the coffee is washed in channels and then soaked again in a second tank for 12-18 hours. After this final soak, the coffee is moved to drying tables where it is hand sorted for defects and insect damage. This hand-sorting is a critical step in reducing the incidence of the notorious potato defect. The coffee is then dried for an average of 18 days. Sweet and fruited.

Harvested: Summer 2016
Variety: Bourbón
Tastes Like: lime, grapefruit, chocolate
Grown By: Cotecaga Producers

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