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Cosmic Shift Seasonal Espresso

12 oz
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Cosmic Shift Seasonal Espresso

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12 oz bag

From the producer:

This is a blend of coffees from three of our favorite producer groups: Hunapu, Los Crestones, and Kolla Bolcha.

The coffees of the Hunapu producers are grown on small family farm plots high on the slopes of the Agua volcano, near Antigua, Guatemala. This is a region consisting of primarily indigenous farmers, and it’s always amazing to see how the quality of their coffees rival and even surpass that found in the grand estates near the town center. The predominant variety here has always been Bourbón, and it is cultivated using traditional farming techniques passed down through the generations.

One of the smallest cooperatives we work with, Los Crestones is a team of 12 neighboring family farms located at the bottom of the Cerro Chirripó in Costa Rica. These producers grow their coffee individually and share a common wet mill, drying area, bodegas, and a small dry mill. While coffees can be specially sourced from each of the individual farms, Producer’s Pride is the signature offering of the Los Crestones cooperative as a group. After picking, the cooperative uses an eco-pulper to process the coffee cherries as a “white honey,” with most of the fruit stripped from the parchment-covered beans. 

The Kolla Bolcha cooperative is the largest of these producer groups. It is comprised of just over 400 members who farm coffee in small plots throughout the Agaro woreda of the western Ethiopian Jimma Zone. For hundreds of years, the heirloom coffees grown here have been cultivated using techniques similar to those we still see today.

 Tasting Notes: grapefruit, cinnamon, agave nectar


1/3 Hunapu, Guatemala 

1/3 Producer's Pride, Costa Rica 

1/3 Kolla Bolcha, Ethiopia


Bourbón, Caturra, Catuaí, Villalobos, Ethiopian Heirloom

Harvest Season:

Winter 2020

Processing Method:

A Blend of Fully Washed and "White Honey" Process Coffees

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