Rancho Alena

New York Steaks (Frozen)

1 lb
$27.99 / lb
New York Steaks (Frozen)

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2 steaks totaling 1 lb, arrives frozen
Rancho Alena's Black Angus cattle range freely on over 1400 acres of grassland, chowing down on native grasses and hay. Their beef is grass fed and grain finished (with no corn) for 9 months on a proprietary blend of brewery mash mixed with cherries, prunes and apple pressings, then dry-aged for 30 days. New York Steak is also known as Strip Steak; by either name, it's a well-marbled, tender, premium cut with a nice fat cap. Rancho Alena's New York Steaks (Frozen) arrive in a pack of two.

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Rancho Alena
Loma Rica, CA
Rancho Alena is dedicated to raising all-natural Black Angus beef in a holistic, sustainable environment. Read more