Rustic Sausage (Frozen)

Prather Ranch Meat Company

Rustic Sausage (Frozen)

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Rustic Sausage (Frozen)

Notes From The Producer

PRMC’s sugar –free sausage has finally arrived! A very traditional flavored, juicy pork sausage made with PRMC heritage pork and organic spices this is a great every day sausage served in a bun, on its own or in your favorite sausage based recipe. And NO SUGAR!

Ingredients: Pork, Water, Sea Salt, Spices, Onion, Garlic, Paprika, Cayenne, Cultured Celery Extract, In Natural Pork Casing

Product Details

Approx. 12oz, 4 links per package, arrives frozen, fully cooked.

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Prather Ranch Meat Company
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