Pique Tea Crystals

Organic Jasmine Green Tea Crystals

14 count
Organic Jasmine Green Tea Crystals

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Contains 14 single serving sachets (Net WT .03oz)
"Pique's tea crystals are made from whole leaf tea, resulting in a perfect cup of floral and sweet jasmine tea." - Darren, Grocery Sourcing

Green tea scented with fresh jasmine blossoms makes for a delicate and aromatic cup. No need for honey or sugar, the well balanced flavor of this tea—the natural sweetness of jasmine and mellow, not bitter, green tea—is best enjoyed on its own. To scent the green tea, in late summer when fresh jasmine flowers are in bloom, farmers blend and expose tea leaves with the blossoms overnight infusing the tea with their essence. Handcrafted from whole leaf tea by our Tea Master, Pique Tea Crystals are an exquisite, nutritious tea in a modern sachet. Simply open and stir with water (even cold!) for the perfect cup anytime, anywhere without the wait.   

Empty contents of sachet into desired drinking vessel. Add 8 fl oz of water—please use warm water (175°), stir. Enjoy!

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Pique Tea Crystals
San Francisco, CA
Through our proprietary process that slow brews whole tea leaves for hours to fully extract the fresh flavor and nutrients at optimal levels before locking it into an easy to dissolve crystalized form, we are excited to offer you the perfect cup of tea anytime, anywhere. We source the top 5% of tea leaves in the world directly from trusted farms in India, China and Sri Lanka at their peak freshness and antioxidant levels.Read more