Pique Tea Crystals

Pique Tea Crystals

San Francisco, CA
Our mission is to inspire a new wave of tea drinkers. Grounded in our belief that tea has the power to be transformative, by making its healthful benefits easier and tastier to enjoy, we are committed to helping people make smarter and healthier beverage options.

Pique Tea was founded by Simon Cheng, a tea loving entrepreneur, with deep appreciation for ancient health traditions and the passion to innovate. Drinking tea was a fundamental part of Simon’s daily life and health regimen when he was growing up in Hong Kong.

During Simon’s travels to tea producing regions, he discovered a 1,300 year old tradition Cha Gao practiced in Himalayan villages. Cha Gao was used to extract the powerful medical properties of tea into a dissolvable tea paste. Inspired by the concentrated antioxidants and nutrients of Cha Gao, Simon spent years in collaboration with leading tea farmers and tea masters to integrate ancient tradition with modern science to create Pique Tea Crystals.

Through our proprietary process that slow brews whole tea leaves for hours to fully extract their fresh flavor and nutrients at optimal levels before locking it into an easy to dissolve crystalized form, we are excited to offer you the perfect cup of tea anytime, anywhere. We source the top 5% of tea leaves in the world directly from trusted farms in India, China and Sri Lanka at their peak freshness and antioxidant levels.

One cup at a time, we can make a meaningful health impact to ourselves and those around us. Spread across a neighborhood, a community, a country - this change becomes exponential. Together, we can create a powerful movement.
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Pique Tea Crystals
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