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Organic Dried Apples

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Organic Dried Apples

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Bursting with flavor, these gently-dried organic apples are an excellent source of fiber and vitamins without any added sugar, preservatives or oils. With recipes for dried apples documented as far back as 1700 BC Mesopotamia, Peeled Snacks' Apple-2-The-Core® honors the storied tradition of preserving the sweet, subtly tart flavor of fresh apples so they can be enjoyed conveniently on the go.  

An essential ingredient of Peeled Snacks’ ethos is building long lasting relationships with organic farms and suppliers. In supporting the organic food revolution, Peeled is committed to advancing fair labor and sustainable farming practices that encourage clean food production and healthy producer communities worldwide. 

Ingredients: Organic Apples. 

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Peeled Snacks
Brooklyn, NY
Peeled makes tasty and nourishing snacks made with pure, wholesome ingredients to satisfy your cravings at anytime or anywhere, while lifting your mood and leaving you energized. We believe you should feel good about snacking, which is why we foster strong partnerships with our farmers and suppliers to grow the best tasting organic, non-GMO and gluten-free ingredients that make delicious snacks with a positive impact on you and the environment.Read more