Peeled Snacks

Peeled Snacks

Brooklyn, NY
In 2004, Noha Waibsnaider founded Peeled Snacks in her tiny New York City apartment when she noticed there was something missing from the snack aisle. Store shelves were full of processed potato chips, corn syrup-filled candy, and energy bars made with too many mysterious ingredients, leaving snackers to feel the “spike, crash and burn” effect. Without finding any options both healthy and enjoyable, Noha set out to fix that problem.

Her solution? Tasty and nourishing snacks made with pure, wholesome ingredients to satisfy your cravings at anytime or anywhere, while lifting your mood and leaving you energized. We believe you should feel good about snacking. That’s why we foster strong partnerships with our farmers and suppliers to grow the best tasting organic, non-GMO and gluten-free ingredients and turn them into delicious snacks with a positive impact on you and the environment.

We don’t just want to be the best in the world, but to be best for the world. Our B-Corp certification verifies that we do what we say, and affirms our commitment to being part of the movement to redefine the role of business in our economy. We seek to make the world a better place by setting higher standards of transparency, accountability, and performance throughout our entire supply chain.
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