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The Rutabaga is a hearty, cool season crop that stores well for winter! It is high in protein and is easily digestible. This root was born out of wild cabbage and turnip. Try roasting, stewing, or mashing this root with your favorite herb combo. Mashed Rutabaga tends to make a sweeter and more complex flavor profile for your favorite holiday side dish.

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Approx. 1-2 roots per lb

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Paul's Produce
Paul Wirtz has been growing diversified produce for 24 years in Sonoma, California. He’s always farmed following organic standards on leased land. Right now, he has approximately 14 acres under cultivation, rotating an array of salad crops, greens like kale, chard and collard with summer tomatoes, peppers and squash. Luscious melons are in summer rotations. Paul’s Produce sells to Sonoma and Glen Ellen restaurants and at two farmers markets, in Sonoma. A winter CSA runs 6 months of the year, beginning in November. There is a seasonal Farm Stand open Saturdays, 9-1. FEED Sonoma is currently the only wholesale outlet for Paul’s Produce.Read more