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Porridge Loaf

Pain Bakery

Porridge Loaf

45 oz
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Porridge Loaf

Notes From The Producer

We use the country bread as a model, and then add plenty of cooked grain into the dough to imbue the resulting loaves with the character of the grain used. This technique produces a loaf of even greater moisture and tenderness with flavors not often found in wheat breads. The grain used in the porridge changes all the time, but it's always a treat. 

Ingredients: Organic wheat flour (organic wheat flour, malted barley flour), water, wheat flour (wheat flour, malted barley flour), sea salt, rice flour (for coating), natural leaven (organic wheat flour, water)

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one large loaf of freshly baked bread

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Pain Bakery
San Mateo, CA
Hey. I'm Davey. I like food. I like bread. When we make food in our kitchen, it's a distillation of love and passion and care and focus and dreams made manifest. Read more