Heirloom Wheat

Pain Bakery

Heirloom Wheat

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Heirloom Wheat

Notes From The Producer

Currently: Sonora

We use whole grain wheat grown in California and freshly stone-milled by Capay Mills in Rumsey, CA. The spirit of this bread is the same as the country bread, but augmented with the flavors of these whole heirloom variety wheats. The varieties and percentages will often change; today it may be a white wheat like Sonora (actually a golden-colored berry that is more mild in flavor than its red/brown-colored sibling), tomorrow it could be red wheat like Red Fife, or a blend of both red and white wheats. The exclusive use of natural leaven furthers the digestibility of the wheat while it tempers and releases the true flavors of the grain.

Ingredients: Organic wheat flour (organic wheat flour, malted barley flour), water, wheat flour (wheat flour, malted barley flour), sea salt, rice flour (for coating), natural leaven (organic wheat flour, water)

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one large loaf of freshly baked bread

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