Bonito del Norte Tuna

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Bonito del Norte Tuna

Notes From The Producer

Bonito del Norte Tuna is line-caught, hand-cleaned, and packed in top quality olive oil to preserve all the flavor, richness and nutrition of albacore tuna. High in protein, minerals, vitamins, Omega-3s and linoleic acid, this ready-to-eat canned tuna is the ideal pantry staple to fill out your weekly meal planning. Use it to make grown-up tuna salad, garnish simply with salt and pepper on an open-faced sandwich, add to all your summer salads, or just enjoy it straight from the can!

Ingredients: albacore tuna, olive oil, salt.
Contains: fish.

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2.98 oval tin

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About The Producer

Conservas Ortiz, a fifth generation family owned company, has a great respect for their ancestors and their traditions. They believe in coastal fishing based on the tides, and the exclusive purchase of north coast tuna which are line-caught, one-by-one.Read more