Bonito Del Norte Tuna


Bonito Del Norte Tuna

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Bonito Del Norte Tuna

Notes From The Producer

One of their most famous product their Bonito Del Norte Tuna, or Albacore Tuna as it is more commonly know as in the states, is line-caught, hand cleaned, and then packaged in fine olive oil. This olive oil perfectly balances out the tuna adding to the flavor and texture. This tuna can be eaten over salads like a Salade Niçoise, atop a crostini garnished with oil, salt, and pepper, on a sandwich, or simply out of the can. 

Ingredients: White tuna, olive oil, salt.

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2.98 oval tin

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About The Producer

Conservas Ortiz, a fifth generation family owned company, has a great respect for their ancestors and their traditions. They believe in coastal fishing based on the tides, and the exclusive purchase of north coast tuna which are line-caught, one-by-one. Read more