Grainy Garlic Mustard

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Grainy Garlic Mustard

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Grainy Garlic Mustard

Notes From The Producer

The essence of garlic, just right. Versatile - so many great uses! Well balanced.
Nice garlic taste with a savory undertone. Palate pleasing!

Pairing Options
Spread for all sandwich types. Muster up your Cesar dressing. Add some tang to you homemade Vinaigrette dressing. One of the best dipping options for wings or meat tenders. Fancy some cheese? Consider a sharp cheddar or soft white cheese such as goat cheese with a ribbon of basil. Parsley is a great herb for this mustard combined with Greek yogurt to make your very own Tzatziki sauce. Never under estimate adding this mustard to olive oil and balsamic for a peppery-garlic zing.

INGREDIENTS: Mustard (distilled vinegar, water, mustard seed, brown sugar, salt, white wine, spices), Garlic (garlic, soybean oil, citric acid), Sugar, Spices, Water, Hot Sauce (peppers, distilled vinegar, salt, xanthan gum), Dried Garlic, Curry Powder (spices, turmeric, salt, mustard, chili pepper), Balsamic Vinegar (contains naturally occurring sulfites), White Wine Vinegar, Ground Habanero. Contains: SOY

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Refrigerate after opening.

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My Kind of Mustard
San Jose
Timeless mustard recipes that have been created through the generations have been passed down to us. Our mustards have bold flavors and unique combinations that are deliciously diverse and have unbeatable taste. Read more