My Kind of Mustard

My Kind of Mustard

San Jose

My Kind of Mustard

San Jose Born - Rooted in Canada

Our story begins about 20 years ago with our Canadian family starting a homemade mustard and jam business in Alberta, Canada. After 12 years of conducting business in the Calgary area we relocated to Edmonton, Alberta; taking with us our heritage recipe book of homemade jams, jellies, mustards, salsas and marmalades.

The Jam Lady continues to serve local flavor to Edmontonians and surrounding areas; still making the very best home-style mustard out there!

Today our story continues. The timeless mustard varieties that have been created through the generations have been passed down to us. My Kind of Mustard provides bold flavors and unique combinations that are deliciously diverse and have unbeatable taste.

Our mustards are made using quality and simple ingredients that create genuine, great tasting mustards. We aim to source local spices and raw ingredients to blend our mustards. 

Our family company has a mission to bring these timeless varieties and flavors to Californians.

From My Father's Table To Yours

Irene and Ben


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