New Mama Care Package

Mama Tong

New Mama Care Package

4 count
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New Mama Care Package

Notes From The Producer

This New Mama Care Package makes the perfect gift for a New Mama!
All of the Mama Tong Soups and Broths are chilled overnight before being packaged.

1 Chicken Herbal Soup
Ingredients: filtered water, ginger chicken bone broth (broth made from chicken bones*, ginger*, rice wine), red dates, longan fruit, goji berries, snow fungus, wood ear fungus, sea salt 

1 Ginger Chicken Bone Broth
Ingredients: broth made from with filtered water, chicken bones*, ginger*, rice wine, sea salt

1 Birthday Seaweed Soup
Ingredients: filtered water, wakame, tofu*, vegetable broth (garlic*, strong arm farm kombu, shiitake mushrooms*), gluten-free soy sauce*, sesame oil*, sea salt

1 Kabocha & Azuki Bean Soup
Ingredients: filtered water, vegetable broth (ginger*, strong arm farm kombu), seasonal squash*, onion* adzuki beans*, gluten free miso*, gluten free tamari*, toasted sesame oil*

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Pack of 4 soups. Arrives frozen.

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Mama Tong
Homemade, healing soups using Chinese remedies, specializing in post-natal recovery and well-being.  Read more