Herbal Chicken Soup Kit

Mama Tong

Herbal Chicken Soup Kit

26 oz
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Herbal Chicken Soup Kit

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Make your own big batch of our classic Herbal Chicken Soup at home (yields approx. 6 quarts). This traditional Chinese herbal recovery soup is a great for new moms or anyone who enjoys chicken soup. Now you can make it too for the whole family. Just add 3 lbs of chicken wings, chicken bones, or use a whole chicken. The Chinese herbs included in this kit are good for boosting blood circulation, flushing toxins, and restoring your chi.

Ingredients: Red dates, longan fruit, goji berries, snow fungus, wood ear fungus, ginger*, and rice wine. (*certified organic)

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26 oz.

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Mama Tong
Homemade, healing soups using Chinese remedies, specializing in post-natal recovery and well-being.  Read more