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Organic Heirloom 'Volcano Rice' Bowl

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Organic Heirloom 'Volcano Rice' Bowl

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Lotus Foods’ convenient Heat & Eat rice bowls—ready in just 60-90 seconds in the microwave—make eating organic, whole grain heirloom rice a quick and simple pleasure while supporting family farmers practicing unique sustainable growing methods. Offering consistently perfect rice without the wait or mess, the rice bowls are a great short cut to quick weeknight meals— simply top with fresh vegetables and protein, or add to a soup or stir-fry. For a nourishing office lunch pack with an avocado and one of Better Beans fully cooked offerings!

Organic Volcano Rice™ is a proprietary blend of aromatic brown and red rice sustainably grown in Indonesia . The Sintanur brown rice has a firm texture and vanilla-like aroma. It is produced through Lotus Foods' partnership with the Simpatik Organic Cooperative rice farmers located in West Java, Indonesia. They grow rice on highly fertile volcanic soils, rich in minerals and micronutrients, and use More Crop Per Drop™ methods.

Generally known as the System of Rice Intensification or SRI, this set of practices enables farmers to grow more rice with less water, seed and labor, especially less labor for women. Because their rice paddies are not permanently flooded, there is little or no emission of methane, a major greenhouse gas that warms the earth. Lotus Foods is the first and only US company to date to work with SRI farmers to help them market their more sustainably grown, high-quality traditional rice.

Cooking Instructions: Stovetop—pour rice into small pan, add 1 tbs. of water and heat on medium till hot, stirring occasionally. Microwave—lift flap to dotted line and microwave for 60-90 seconds until hot. 

Ingredients: brown and red rice*, water.

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Lotus Foods
Richmond, CA
Lotus Foods is dedicated to innovative and sustainable production of rice, which is both the most water intensive commodity crop and a dietary staple consumed by over 4 billion people daily. By partnering with family farmers in South East Asia their More Crop Per Drop initiative aims to improve crop yields, while reducing the required labor and water to cultivate rice. In 2015 their proprietary System of Rice Intensification saved an estimated 528 million gallons of water while empowering the largely female workforce behind the world’s rice production to contribute more to their families and communities.Read more