Laura Chenel

Fig & Grapefruit Chevre Medallion

3.5 oz
$15.95 / lb
Fig & Grapefruit Chevre Medallion

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Laura Chenel's creamy, mild-flavored chevre is paired with the flavors of fig and zesty grapefruit in this slightly sweet and tangy small format cheese. This soft and spreadable chevre is the perfect picnic cheese and is great crumbled on a spinach salad—not to mention, its slight sweetness makes it popular with the younger kids at the table. Pair with Sauvignon Blanc or a White Ale.

Ingredients: cultured pasteurized goat milk, figs, pure cane sugar, dehydrated grapefruit juice, fruit pectin, citric acid, lactic acid, ascorbic acid, microbial enzymes.
Contains: milk.

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