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Chef Chevre

8 oz
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Chef Chevre

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The name ‘Chef’s Chèvre’ is one indication of the 20-year popularity this cheese has had with chefs, caterers and quality foodservice operations. Chef’s Chèvre is our highest moisture, very freshest cheese. It is clean-tasting, smooth, light, tangy and spreadable. The texture of Chef’s Chèvre is very similar to cream cheese and the cooking applications are as diverse, with the benefit of being lower in calories and cholesterol and higher in protein than cream cheese.

For professionals or “home chefs,” Chef’s Chèvre melts perfectly into sauces for pasta and poultry dishes. It mixes well with herbs for topping crostini or filling ravioli and tortellini. Chef’s Chèvre is the preferred cheese in fluffy goat cheesecakes.

Ingredients: Cultured Pasteurized Goat Milk, Salt, Enzymes.

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