Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

La Tourangelle

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

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Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Notes From The Producer

La Tourangelle adds the "Extra" to virgin coconut oil by introducing the freshest Fairtrade organic coconut oil ever produced. Made from fresh coconuts - never dried.

Extra Virgin and Organic
Unlike regular organic virgin coconut oil pressed from dried coconut meat, La Tourangelle Fairtrade Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is produced directly from fresh organic coconut meat picked right off the tree.

Fresh and Delicious
Thanks to the revolutionary centrifuge technology used in the process, the extra virgin coconut oil has an incredibly fresh flavor, a unique light texture and retains all the natural antioxidants and nutrients found in the fresh whole organic coconut.

Fair Trade certified by FLO
With every purchase of La Tourangelle Fairtrade Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, community-based programs are being funded to improve education, living conditions and organic farming in the Davao region of the Philippines, where our coconuts are harvested and processed. We are proud to release a product that protects nature and ensures that coconut farmers are fairly compensated. This new artisan Fairtrade oil fits right in with our company goal of improving the quality of oils made available to American consumers and our philosophy that good food comes with sustainable business practices.

Great for cooking and bodycare
Although well known for its cooking versatility because of its bold flavor and medium heat functionality, La Tourangelle Fairtrade Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is also perfect for your beauty regime. It soothes dry hands and lips, acts as a shaving cream or a deep hair conditioner and makes a great base for many at home masks and moisturizing treatments.

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15 fl oz jar

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About The Producer

La Tourangelle
We, at La Tourangelle, are an authentic & traditional family producer of specialty oils handcrafting a wide range of delicious artisan nut oils both in France and California. All the La Tourangelle nut oils sold in North America are made in our artisan oil mill located in Woodland, CA mostly from California grown nuts. We also distribute an exclusive line of premium oils imported from all over the World. All our artisan oils are expeller-pressed, Non-GMO, all natural and delicious. Read more