Lagunitas Brewing Company

12th of Never Pale Ale

12 count
$0.12 / fl oz
12th of Never Pale Ale

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12 pack of 12 fl oz cans, 5.5% abv
Lagunitas 12th of Never Pale Ale may be the perfect 12 pack of cans. It's light-bodied, with hop aromas more akin to an IPA. You'll get hop notes of fresh orange pulp, grapefruit zest, and fresh pine, with a hint of almost rock-candy sweetness. When drinking, the beer is bone dry, crisp and refreshing. There's a subdued hop bitterness up front, with just a mild hint of biscuit in the malt backbone. Pair with anything outdoors, from a camping trip to an afternoon in the park.

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Lagunitas Brewing Company
Petaluma, CA
Lagunitas is an iconic California brewery that has helped popularize the IPA style of beer.Read more