LAFAZA Vanilla

Pure Vanilla Extract

4 fl oz
$2.74 / fl oz
Pure Vanilla Extract

Notes From The Producer

LAFAZA Pure Vanilla Extract contains a signature blend of all-natural Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans. It's made using a careful extraction process that brings out the intense flavor and deep aroma of vanilla beans. LAFAZA uses only the finest hand-selected, single-origin vanilla beans grown each year by their Madagascan partners. Their Pure Vanilla Extract will add delicious, aromatic flavor to your baked goods, ice creams, and more.

Ingredients: water, alcohol (35%), madagascar vanilla bean extract, sugar, glycerin.

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Pure vanilla extract in glass bottle

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About The Producer

LAFAZA Vanilla
LAFAZA manufactures gourmet-quality vanilla and spice products that are sourced directly and ethically from smallholder farmers in rural Madagascar. Our products are always produced naturally without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Farmers receive higher prices for their products, training in best practices, and support for strengthening the capacity of grower cooperatives.Read more