LAFAZA Vanilla

LAFAZA Vanilla


LAFAZA manufactures gourmet-quality vanilla and spice products that are sourced directly and ethically from smallholder farmers in rural Madagascar. Our products are always produced naturally without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Farmers receive higher prices for their products, training in best practices, and support for strengthening the capacity of grower cooperatives.

LAFAZA vanilla beans are cultivated in dense agroforestry systems that act much like natural forest. These farming systems include multi-crop strategies, where vanilla is grown alongside clove trees, coffee, native hardwood species, coconut palms, and fruit trees. Vanilla farming systems where we work promote biodiversity conservation and provide important environmental services like water purification, soil preservation, and provision of animal habitat.

At LAFAZA, we learned about the vanilla trade in a different way. Two of the founders lived and worked with local vanilla farmers associations in Madagascar as Peace Corps volunteers, and the other members of our American team have spent many years working side by side with farmers in Madagascar. We established our business to create more equitable, direct trade linkages between farmers and consumers, and to do so in an environmentally sustainable way. 

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