La Boulangerie de San Francisco

Sliced Croissant Loaf

15 oz
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Sliced Croissant Loaf

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La Boulangerie de San Francisco brings us a lofty loaf-shaped version of everyone's favorite: the classic croissant. With plenty of butter and a glossy golden crust, the Sliced Croissant Loaf will take your breakfast sandwiches to the next level, or help you create the French toast of your dreams.

Ingredients: wheat flour (wheat flour, enzymes), butter (cream, milk, natural flavor), milk, sugar, water, yeast, sea salt, fermented wheat flour (preservative), wheat (gluten, deactivated yeast), xanthan gum, deactivated yeast, ascorbic acid (dough conditioner) vinegar, yeast, milk protein.
Contains: milk, wheat.

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La Boulangerie de San Francisco
San Francisco, CA
A staple of the Bay Area since 1995, La Boulangerie de San Francisco was founded to bring a little taste of the French patisserie tradition to every customer, every day.Read more