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Flat of Organic Adriatic Figs

9 lb
$7.77 / lb
Flat of Organic Adriatic Figs

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Approx. 90-110 figs per 9 lb flat
Rick and Kristie Knoll are known for their amazing figs. They pick for flavor, not durability, which is key for a fruit like figs. These figs' delicate skin may scar or flake a bit in transit, but trust that it's just a symptom of being picked at peak ripeness. You won't find a more delicious fig out there.

The Adriatic Fig is a green-skinned, and purple-fleshed fig, with a looser, less seedy texture and a cleaner, brighter sweetness than the more common Black Mission Fig.

Figs trees produce two harvests. This is the first harvest, known as the breba crop, and it should last a month or so, before the trees focus their energy on the second, generally larger crop. The first harvest isn't always as sweet, but these figs are still a delicious treat!

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Knoll Farms
Brentwood, CA
Rick and Kristie Knoll have been farming in Brentwood, CA, since 1979. Their farm is an 18-acre ecosystem that comprises over 150 different items and many times as many critters and other beneficial organisms.Read more