Kettel Krakkers

Organic Gluten-Free Garlic Crackers

7 oz
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Organic Gluten-Free Garlic Crackers

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Garlic Kettel Krakkers are a great snack on their own or with your favorite toppings. Get the right kind of fuel for lasting energy and satisfy your savory cravings with this delicious cracker. Garlic Kettel Krakkers pair well with handmade pâtés or substitute them for tortilla chips when you whip up your favorite vegan guacamole. Prepared with care at our dedicated gluten-free facility using healthy, simple ingredients, Garlic Kettel Krakkers are a quick, nutritious bite adapted from classic Danish recipes as a delicious response to the celiac challenge. Try Garlic Kettel Krakkers and see how delicious gluten-free can be!

Ingredients: Certified gluten-free flour (white rice flour*, brown rice flour*, millet flour*, sorghum flour*, xanthan gum), water, high-oleic cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil*, flax seeds*, pumpkin seeds*, 
sesame seeds*, sunflower seeds*, garlic granules*, aluminum-free baking powder, sea salt.

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About The Producer

Kettel Krakkers
Sonoma, CA
Kettel Krakkers, LLC is a family-owned San Francisco bakery devoted to using the best ingredients to make gluten-free treats that taste amazing and make you feel wonderful. Your snacking happiness is our business!Read more