Kettel Krakkers

Kettel Krakkers

Sonoma, CA
Kettel Krakkers, LLC is a family-owned Sonoma bakery devoted to using the best ingredients to make gluten-free treats that taste amazing and make you feel wonderful. Your snacking happiness is our business!

Kettel Krakkers are handmade at our dedicated gluten-free facility using organic, locally-sourced ingredients of the highest quality. Our suppliers are Bay Area family-operated companies with combined experience of more than 140 years, each selected for their superior standards of production and enduring commitment to providing the best.

Inspired by Danish tradition and a creative response to the celiac challenge, Kettel Krakkers are tasty proof you can give up gluten without sacrificing anything! These uniquely flavorful, seed-rich treats are so delicious even wheat-eaters will love them! The gluten’s missing but it won’t be missed.

CEO Susan Gabiati’s culinary education began at home in Denmark, where great cooking skills were prized and sharing delicious meals together was an important family tradition. She pursued her interest in the art of food at Suhrs Madakademiet, a renowned Danish culinary academy, where her talents were refined. Today, an invitation to dinner at Susan’s, as friends and family will tell you, is a mouth-watering, memorable occasion.

In 2009 Susan’s grand-daughter Lisa was diagnosed with celiac disease, sparking an entirely new course in food education. With so many favorite foods now off-limits, Susan was determined to bake something flavorful and satisfying that Lisa could enjoy. Together they researched Danish cookbooks, found a classic “krakker” recipe, and adapted it to be gluten-free. The result was a savory, substantial, seed-rich cracker so compelling everyone cried, “tak for mad!”…and begged for more.

Motivated by the enthusiastic response and with encouragement from family, Susan launched Kettel Krakkers, a bakery devoted to making crackers so delicious they’ll make you selfish. But please, share with your loved ones!
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