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Tribal Harvested Chinook (Frozen)

0.5 lb
$21.58 / lb
Tribal Harvested Chinook (Frozen)

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.5 lbs, Arrives Frozen
Kenai-Red Fish Company is proud to partner with She-Nah-Nam Seafoods to bring you our flash frozen portions of NW Tribal harvested and processed Chinook salmon from the Puget Sound region. Its live bleed and slush iced immediately after being caught. You will feel great eating this salmon that is rich in Omega-3’s and offering wonderfully balanced fat content. She-Nah-Nam Seafoods is a Nisqually Tribal seafood processing plant and works in cooperation with The Affiliated Tribes of NW Indians (ATNI)

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Kenai Red Fish Company
Homer, AK
Kenai Red Fish Company proudly offers sustainably harvested wild Alaskan sockeye salmon. We take great pride in providing a high quality, long-lasting salmon fillet at an affordable price. You probably are familiar with the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and the farm-to-table concepts. Well, we are just like that except our product is sockeye salmon. We have formed a CSF (Community Supported Fishery) and invite you to join us.Read more