Kenai Red Fish Company

Kenai Red Fish Company

Homer, AK

Kenai Red Fish Company, from the boat to your table.

Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon now available in the San Francisco Bay Area via Good Eggs!

Clint “Skiffman” Benson started his commercial fishing life over 30 years ago. In 2012, Clint, a NE Portland, Oregon resident, started Kenai Red Fish Company, a family run CSF, in order to provide Portland residents with premium, sustainable sockeye salmon caught in the waters of Cook Inlet, AK. Mostly the famous “Kenai Reds”, our salmon gets to dock in Homer, AK within hours of being caught and are filleted, vacuum packed and flash frozen (-30 degrees). All by local folks and by hand. 

Kenai Red Fish Company proudly offers sustainably harvested wild Alaskan sockeye salmon. We take great pride in providing a high quality, long-lasting salmon fillets at an affordable price.

The best to you from Clint, Allison, Barbara, Jason, Rory and the rest of our crew.
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