Blood Orange Marmalade

June Taylor Company - The Still-Room

Blood Orange Marmalade

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Blood Orange Marmalade

Notes From The Producer

Our organic Moro blood oranges have a deeply rich berry-like flavor and color. We create our own pectin from the seeds and membranes of citrus fruit and use an extremely small amount of organic sugar and lemon juice.

This marmalade pairs well with cheddar cheese and goat's cheese and can also be used to glaze meat or mixed into a vinaigrette or even a cocktail.

All of the preparation, cooking, jarring, and labeling with letterpress labels is done by hand and we cook 8 jars per pot.

After opening, please refrigerate and eat within a few weeks.

Ingredients: Organic blood oranges, organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice.

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June Taylor Company - The Still-Room
Following traditional methods of preserving, organically grown fruit is hand-cut and stove-top cooked in small batches with the addition of a minimal amount of organic sugar and no commercial pectin. Read more