Briana with Truffles

Jacobs and Brichford

Briana with Truffles

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Briana with Truffles

Notes From The Producer

Briana with Truffles is a semi-firm cheese, dense and easily sliced or melted. It's made with Italian truffle oil and black truffles throughout, enhancing its rich flavor with a deep, earthy funkiness. It's an American Cheese Society 2016 award-winner and a favorite here at Good Eggs. Add it to a cheese plate and watch it disappear! If you have any left, we strongly recommend using it for grilled cheese sandwiches or shaving it over a pan of mac'n'cheese.

Ingredients: raw milk, cultures, salt, truffle paste (truffles, water, salt), truffle oil.
Contains: milk.

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Jacobs and Brichford
Connersville, IN
We are Leslie Jacobs and Matthew Brichford, and we have lived on the Brichford family farm since 1981. We have built our married life together on the farm, raising three daughters who have spent their summers milking cows and chasing the other animals (and their sisters) around the fields. We are proud to be an active part of our local community, celebrating our rich family history in the area, which dates back to 1819. With fifteen years in the dairy business, we believe we have developed a vision that will allow us to continue to operate our family farm in a sustainable way for generations to come. Read more