Jacobs and Brichford

Jacobs and Brichford

Connersville, IN

We are Leslie Jacobs and Matthew Brichford, and we have lived on the Brichford family farm since 1981.  We have built our married life together on the farm, raising three daughters who have spent their summers milking cows and chasing the other animals (and their sisters) around the fields.  We are proud to be an active part of our local community, celebrating our rich family history in the area, which dates back to 1819.  Today, Matthew manages the farm and makes our artisan cheese.  Leslie and daughter Maize help with the cheese marketing. Daughter Miah is in charge of milking and helps with grazing management. Welsh Corgi Mirk is an active worker on the farm, running alongside the cows encouragingly. 

It has been a goal of ours to stay on the family’s Hoosier Homestead property. With fifteen years in the dairy business, we believe we have developed a vision that will allow us to continue to operate our family farm in a sustainable way for generations to come.

All the milk used in our cheese is produced on our farm, from our grass-fed, Jersey, Normande and Tarentaise cross cows.  We also have a small flock of hair sheep and a drift of Berkshire hogs. We operate a seasonal dairy–following nature’s rhythm of milking (in a New Zealand style outdoor parlor) and move our cows through fresh pastures each day.  We manage our resources meticulously, use limited inputs, and create all natural, grass-fed milk and cheeses of the highest quality.

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