IGZU Bamboo Leaf Tea

Organic Hibiscus Blackberry Bamboo Leaf Tea

16 fl oz
$0.17 / fl oz
Organic Hibiscus Blackberry Bamboo Leaf Tea

Notes From The Producer

IGZU's caffeine-free bamboo leaf tea is made with real botanicals like organic hibiscus flowers and lemon juice, and it's lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar. Organic Hibiscus Blackberry Bamboo Leaf Tea is fruit-forward with a light, refreshing, sweet-tart flavor. 

Ingredients: organic brewed tea (filtered water, organic bamboo leaves, organic hibiscus), organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice concentrate, natural flavors.

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IGZU Bamboo Leaf Tea
Palo Alto, CA
IGZU produces the world’s first bottled bamboo leaf tea, using bamboo leaves sourced directly from the only USDA Certified organic bamboo farm in North America.Read more