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Maple Walnut Ice Cream

1 pint
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Maple Walnut Ice Cream

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16 oz, arrives frozen
Intensely maple-y ice cream folded with toasted walnuts combines autumnal sweetness and toasty crunch. Try it with Humphry Slocombe's Bourbon Caramel sauce. We promise you won't regret it!

Ingredients: ice cream base (cream, nonfat milk, sugar, egg yolk, buttermilk), maple walnut syrup inclusion (maple syrup, whole milk (milk, vitamin d3), brown sugar), walnuts, salt, maple flavor (pure maple flavor, alcohol, glycerine, caramel color, purified water), vanilla extract (cold-extracted matter of Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans, water, alcohol)
Contains: milk, eggs, tree nuts.

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About The Producer

Humphry Slocombe
San Francisco, CA
Inspired by what is fresh and local, Humphry Slocombe small batch ice cream flavors are seasonal, bright and bold. Our ice cream contains no additives, preservatives or coloring - only the finest natural ingredients to make the creamiest and most intense flavors you have ever tasted.Read more