Rwanda Wazungu Decaf

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Rwanda Wazungu Decaf

8 oz
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Rwanda Wazungu Decaf

Notes From The Producer

This coffee does not have the typical "decafy" aromatics. The dry fragrance from the ground coffee has candied walnut and prima raisins, with honey graham cracker at the lightest roast level. The wet grounds have aromatic suggestions of decaf at light levels, but it decreases as the roast level heads toward Full City. This coffee has a strong sweetness, dark brown cane sugar. The body is syrupy, and it pairs well with the tropical fruited notes in the cup, papaya, concord grape. The finish will remind you of Oolong tea. It works well for espresso as well, roasted to Full City level and rested at least 3 days post roast.

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8 oz bag of freshly roasted coffee beans

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Helio Roast
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