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Helio Roast

Helio Roast

San Francisco

Three factors make HelioRoast Coffee distinct: we use solar panels to micro-roast our beans; we only roast on demand; and in most instances we get your order to you within two days. This ensures that you receive the freshest possible coffee.

Solar panels are better both for the environment and for your wallet. Because the power is pre-paid, we can eliminate the cost of roasting from your price, which in turn allows us to provide you full pounds of coffee for what you often have to pay for 12 or 14 ounces elsewhere.

Most of our single-origin coffees come from Ethiopia, and the rest from the Indonesian islands. Ethiopian coffees tend to be lighter and brighter, and are typically organic, while those from the Pacific Islands are fuller bodied with richer aftertastes. See individual descriptions for more detail.  

HelioRoast does not carry roasted inventory because it usually grows stale while it waits to be purchased. Many places sell excellent coffee, but no one sells it fresher. Enjoy!

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Rwanda Wazungu Decaf
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Helio Roast
Rwanda Wazungu Decaf
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