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Organic Sorrel (Kid Spinach)

1 bunch
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Organic Sorrel (Kid Spinach)

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approximately one-quarter pound
Sorrel goes by many names but the one that I like best is "kid spinach".  That's what I call it because it's one of the only green leaves that my kids will eat !!!  If your kids are finicky eaters, than sorrel will probably win them over with its lemony taste.

It's great for adults also.  Sorrel can be used in soups to make a green borscht, in salads and stews or on a sandwich.  I love to use the leaves like a tortilla, filling them with a little refried beans, panela cheese or even a thin slice of jicama.  It's also awesome in pesto, as a straight substitute for basil.  I am sure you can come up with other uses as well.

 Each "bunch" weighs approximately a quarter-pound, so it is enough to keep you happy.   We hope that you'll try it and love it.

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