Green Skies Vertical Farm

Green Skies Vertical Farm

Welcome to Green Skies Vertical Farm.  Our farm is located on a previously vacant lot in West Oakland.  It is a "really small farm", only 4,000 square feet or about one-eleventh of an acre.   Green Skies is certified organic by CCOF.

We take local to the extreme. The distance from our farm to the Good Eggs headquarters in San Francisco is less than 10 miles.   So, our carbon footprint is smaller than the other farms, and so is yours if you purchase our products.  

We are also very responsible about water use.  Our daikon micros that go into our baby radish greens and super salad, for example, are only drip irrigated for 4-6 minutes each day.  All our plant starts are irrigated in trays and the drainage water collected and reused.  The water consumption for our entire farm is less than 35 gallons per day.  Part of this water is rainwater that we harvest from a nearby roof.  
Some of our products we grow in soil and others in a water based system.  If you would like more information about the farm, please send us an e-mail.  If you would like to visit, we would love to meet you.  Send us an e-mail to schedule a visit.  Thanks for purchasing our products.
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