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Organic Baby Radish Greens

2 oz
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Organic Baby Radish Greens

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2 ounce
Baby Radish Greens (aka Kaiware, or daikon sprouts), are great tasting, versatile and super nutritious for you.  They are an excellent base for your salad, added to a soup, put onto a sandwich or as a garnish for tacos.  They are a must for sushi.  These little guys add a great spicy kick to whatever they are accompanying.   For some people, eating them raw is a little too intense.  In that case, or for a change of pace, they can  also be lightly cooked in a soup or saute and this will mellow out the flavor and spice considerably.

Kaiware has been studied recently in Japan for its ability to fight cancer and results have been very promising.  One study called kaiware "a naturally multipotent chemopreventive agent".

We hope you'll try it for yourself.... I don't think that you'll be disappointed.

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