Coconut Lime Pops

4 count
$0.49 / fl oz
Coconut Lime Pops

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4 pops, 2.75 fl oz each
You put the lime in the coconut...and not much else! GoodPop makes these dairy-free Coconut Lime Pops with organic coconut milk and flakes and fresh-squeezed lime juice blended for a creamy, tangy, and crazy refreshing dessert. It's coco-nuts how good these are.

Ingredients: coconut cream*, filtered water, lime juice, fair trade agave nectar*, coconut*, guar gum*, sea salt, fair trade vanilla extract (*organic).
Contains: tree nuts.

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Austin, TX
GoodPop All-Natural Frozen Pops are made with all-natural, organic and (as much as possible) locally sourced ingredients, organic and fair trade cane sugar ("organic evaporated cane juice), and no artificial anything, ever.Read more