Glaum Egg Ranch

Cage Free White Eggs (Large)

1 dozen
Cage Free White Eggs (Large)

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1 dozen cage free large white eggs.
White eggs for all your Easter Egg dyeing and pickling (rainbow eggs, anyone?) needs this spring!

A true family business, Glaum has been far ahead of the game for generations (four, to be precise) when it comes to cage-free eggs and sustainable ranching. They are the first egg ranch in California to be Certified Humane by Humane Farm Animal Care, and have produced zero manure waste since 1988. Glaum is also a member of CAAF (Community Alliance with Family Farmers), and certified organic by the USDA National Organic Program, and are well regarded within the egg producing community, even coming at the recommendation of some of our current egg producers.

Follow this link to check out a video of Glaum's organic layers in action:

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Glaum Egg Ranch
Aptos, CA
Glaum Egg Ranch is a 100% cage-free, California family farm committed to humane, sustainable, and environmentally sound practices for 100 years and four generations. They pride themselves on providing a quality, fresh, and local egg!Read more