Galpin Family Farms

Sauzee King White Donut Nectarines

1 lb
$4.99 / lb
Sauzee King White Donut Nectarines

Product Details

3-4 donut nectarines per lb
A new varietal to us at Good Eggs, Sauzee King White Donut Nectarines bring together the greatest hits of nectarines and donut peaches: fuzz-free smooth skin, an enticing flattened-donut shape, meltingly delicate flesh, and a summer-sweet white nectarine flavor. Enjoy these out of hand or slice and use in fruit salads, panzanellas, caprese, and more.

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About The Producer

Galpin Family Farms
Reedley, CA
Lisa and Anthony Galpin are second-generation farmers in California's Central Valley. Based in Reedley, the Galpins grow a variety of stone fruit, citrus and grapes, mainly for a handful of farmers' markets in Southern California.Read more