Galpin Family Farms

Galpin Family Farms

Reedley, CA
Lisa and Anthony Galpin are second-generation farmers in California's Central Valley. Based in Reedley, the Galpins grow a variety of stone fruit, citrus and grapes, mainly for a handful of farmers' markets in Southern California. Their family has also been a staple at the famous Alemany Farmers' Market (just a few blocks from the Good Eggs Food Hub!) since the late 70's.

Anthony, Lisa and their family have been growing as clean and as pesticide-free as possible before organic certification existed as a federal program. For insect control, they use pheromone strips and integrated pest management, and from time to time, they use an OMRI-approved spray. Sulfur is their main fungicide, and for weed control, they use discing, hand-weeding and other manual methods, in lieu of toxic herbicides. Besides Anthony and Lisa, the farm has two year-round employees: brothers who have been with the farm for over 10 years.
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