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Yup!Please Dressing

8 fl oz
$1.37 / fl oz
Yup!Please Dressing

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Seperation is natural—shake it up! Refrigerate after opening and use within 2 weeks for best flavor.
Farmhouse Lab’s Yup!Please Dressing has a mild, kid-friendly flavor that combines nutrient dense olive oil, healthy coconut aminos, sweet maple syrup, and tangy organic mustard. It was designed specifically for kids, to encourage them to try new foods and get creative. Let your little ones try it with dippable greens like romaine and iceberg lettuce, or cut raw veggies—even fruit!  

Ingredients: organic olive oil, organic apple cider vinegar, organic sunflower seed oil, organic mustard (organic grain vinegar, water, organic mustard seeds, salt, organic spices), organic maple syrup, organic coconut aminos, Celtic sea salt.

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About The Producer

Farmhouse Lab
San Rafael, CA
Farmhouse Lab uses only consciously sourced ingredients from regional producers they have carefully selected to ensure a sustainable product from jar to table and everything in between. The foundation of each of their dressings is Organic Nuvo Olive Oil, cold pressed at the source in the Sierra Nevada foothills on a 125 year-old family owned orchard. Read more