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Farmhouse Lab

San Rafael, CA
Daniela Kratz the woman behind Farmhouse lab is committed to creating unique and delicious products made with high-quality and nutritionally valuable ingredients. Drawing on her passion for whole, natural foods that help people lead healthy lifestyles, her consciously sourced and crafted dressings bring the story of their components to life. 

The foundation of each dressings is Organic Nuvo Olive Oil, cold pressed at the source in the Sierra Nevada foothills on a 125 year-old family owned orchard. Blended with ingredients carefully selected from producers who share a commitment to sustainability, these aren’t your standard lifeless jarred dressings—you can smell and taste the difference in quality. 

The dressings are light with a vinaigrette texture, providing unique flavors and exceptional taste that will elevate even the simplest of salads. You will never find emulsifiers, preservatives, artificial flavors, or refined sugars and oils in Farmhouse Lab’s creations. They serve to compliment and enhance the nutrition of absurdly fresh, organic, and local produce. 

Crafted with the health-conscious foodie in mind, these dressings inspire experimentation in the pursuit of enjoying fresh wholesome food.
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