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Green Pumpkin Dressing

8 fl oz
$2.12 / fl oz
Green Pumpkin Dressing

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Seperation is natural—shake it up! Refrigerate after opening and use within 2 weeks for best flavor.
Rich and nutty in flavor, Farmhouse Lab’s Green Pumpkin Dressing may just be dark, leafy greens’ best friend. Blended with a touch of mustard from Mendocino, and Oregon grown organic unrefined pumpkin seed oil, shake (really) well to bring it all together for a truly exquisite texture and mouth feel. Use generously and try topped with crumbly cheeses, and toasted nuts or seeds for a next-level salad that will command attention come meal time!

Ingredients: pumpkin seed oil*, olive oil*, apple cider vinegar*, mustard (sugar, unbleached wheat flour, mustard seed, vinegar, soy lecithin, olive oil, xanthan gum), honey, Celtic sea salt. *Organic
Contains: wheat, soy

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About The Producer

Farmhouse Lab
San Rafael, CA
Farmhouse Lab uses only consciously sourced ingredients from regional producers they have carefully selected to ensure a sustainable product from jar to table and everything in between. The foundation of each of their dressings is Organic Nuvo Olive Oil, cold pressed at the source in the Sierra Nevada foothills on a 125 year-old family owned orchard. Read more