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Duck Salami

6 oz
$2.83 / oz
Duck Salami

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One 6 oz salami
This rich, flavorful French style Duck Salami has an excellent balance of seasoning and flavor as well as a pleasant moist texture. Tote some along on your picnic, slice one up as a fancy snack or use as part of an antipasto platter.

Ingredients: duck meat, nonfat dry milk, sea salt, water, dextrose, sodium caseinate, wine, garlic, whole peppercorns, spices, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrate, lactic acid starter culture, pork casing.

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Fabrique Délices
Hayward, CA
Fabrique Délices was established in 1985 in San Mateo, CA to bring outstandingly high-quality, consistent, and unique charcuterie presentations to the USA.Read more